PhysioFettle Physiotherapist Lochwinnoch Physiotherapy From Head to Toe

Physiotherapy post-graduate study in headache treatment

The development of neck treatment techniques for the relief of chronic headaches and migraines.

The studies have the aim of promoting physical treatments for those recurring headaches and migraines which bug people’s lives often unnecessarily.

Dianne's driver for further education was the fact that, after training with Dean Watson she was achieving far better results treating headaches than is generally recognised in mainstream medicine. With the aim of optimising treatments, health professionals are all encouraged to carry out evidence based interventions but the evidence for much of physiotherapy often does not seem to reflect reality. With the encouragement of a student on clinical placement Dianne had at the time, she enrolled on a "Research Methods" for Health Professionals module at the University of Cumbria. This gave her an insight into how trials are set up and how very difficult it is to run meaningful trials into the effect of real therapists on real people. But just because something is difficult it does not mean it is not worth doing. Dianne then decided to enrol onto a distance learning module through the University of Brighton and became hooked. The highlight so far has been the publication of a paper she wrote on the role of physiotherapy for headache treatment in the private physiotherapy journal, 'InTouch'.

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