PhysioFettle Our approach to physiotherapy Physiotherapy From Head to Toe

Our approach to physiotherapy can improve your quality of life.

Physiotherapy can be such a useful tool in helping people get on with their lives in an optimum way.

We like to work in communication with other health professionals and think it is important to refer patients on to someone else such as GP or consultant when appropriate.

To use arthritis as an example; this is a condition we know we have to learn to live with but physiotherapy can help achieve an optimum level so people can learn how to live with least aggravation. If an orthopaedic consultation is necessary we will write a letter to inform the specialist of how the patient has managed so far. Usually it is a matter of working out the causes for stresses on the body and finding the best way of helping the body heal itself. This entails piecing together information from the patient’s history, lifestyle and the biomechanics of each individual.

This is usually followed by a 'hands on' assessment to actually feel the joints and muscles.

This is followed by more manual massage and muscle energy techniques and/or using any suitable combination of electrotherapy, therapeutic laser, ultrasound or acupuncture.

If the patient is keen to carry on the benefits at home PhysioFettle can give lots of advice on exercises etc. Adapting these to each person’s particular lifestyle is crucial - another good example of how individual care and a whole-person approach directly influences the effectiveness of treatment.

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